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Issue 19 Now Available

It’s sing-along time, Thugleteers! HAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THUGLIT!!! HAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THUGLIT!!! HAAAAPPY BIIIIIRTHDAY TOO THUGLIT!!! HAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY TO UUUUUS!!! Know what this issue is, Thugleteers? This issue marks the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of your favorite magazine and mine. If you just said Swank, I can respect the answer, but please punch yourself in the face and … Continue reading

Ahoy-hoy, Thugleteers!

I learned this past week the darkest pits of mankind’s suffering. The depth of pain that humanity can sink into, curled up into a ball like a mewling kitten that has been impaled on a shish kabob skewer… What is this, you ask? What with the stories you publish, many of them featuring characters and … Continue reading

Hidey-Ho Thugleteers!

Things are looking a little different around here, in case you hadn’t noticed. We’re re-tooling the site so we can more consistently update y’alls with our gems and pearls and all that other happy horseshit. Or just so we can update the fucking thing at ALL without going through a half-dozen web people who know … Continue reading